XpenseCo Competitions
  • Complete All-in-One Travel & Expense Management Solution with Fulfilment Services & real-time data postings.
  • Highly flexible & complete centralized system harnesses Aggregation, Analytics, Mobile and Automation Technologies to achieve continuous improvement to Expense ROI
  • Travel-Request-Expense : End-to-End Module
  • Ticket Fulfilment – No need of Separate Travel Agency Partners
  • Cash/Imprest/Petty Cash Advance Management
  • Corporate Card/Forex Card Integration
  • Card Reconciliation
  • Real-Time Budgeting
  • Travel & Non-Travel Expenses
  • Employee Flexi Benefits
  • Central Reconciliation
  • Real-Time Data Posting
  • Real-Time Accrual Management
  • Standard Expense Management System with set of in-built features that is configurable but not flexible to accommodate the needs of dynamic business changes.
  • Request, Expense Management
  • Travel Module with need/dependency on External Travel Partner/TMC for Ticket Fulfilment
  • Cash Advance Management
  • Corporate Card Integration
  • Smart Card Integration
  • Travel & Non-Travel Expenses
  • Employee Flexi Benefits
  • Central Reconciliation
  • Limited scope w.r.t Cash Advance & Card Integrations
Criteria XpenseCo Competitions
  • All-in-One Travel & Expense Management Solution with Fulfilment Services
  • Fulfilment Services
  • Standard Travel & Expense Management System
  • Require Travel Management Company for Fulfilment
Customizable or Configurable
  • Highly Flexible, Customisable & Configurable System.
  • Supports all kinds of Workflow – sequential, parallel project-based, cost centre based, any kind of exceptional workflow approval.
  • Unlimited Flexi/Custom Fields allows corporates to capture fields that are required to run business and capture data for reporting.
  • Configurable System : System is built on set of standard rules and templates.
  • Can only be configured and cannot be customised.
  • Limited Flexi/Custom Fields do not allow corporates to capture additional fields that are required to run business and capture data for reporting.
Automated Policy Check
  • 100% Automated Policy Compliance Check
  • Duplicate & Fraud Expense Highlighter
  • Built with Global Best Practices across the Industry
Standard Policy Rules.
Local Content, Fare & Fees
  • No Transaction or Convenience Fees
  • Local content from across the Globe - Direct from Source
  • Global LCC Fares & NDC Flights
  • Transaction Fees
  • Dependency on Travel Agency for content
GST/VAT Solution & Benefits
  • Automated GST Capture and postings into ERP
  • GST Input credits from Airlines & Hotels
  • GST Reclaim Reports
  • Facilitates Foreign GST Claim
  • Standard GST Solution
3rd Party Integration
  • Real-Time Integration with any ERP/HRMS System e.g. SAP, Oracle, Tally, MS Dynamics etc.
  • Accrual Management System & IFC (Internal Finance Control) : Automated Accounting strengthens IFC and facilitates Accurate Spend Reports. Month-end provisions, forex advance revaluation
  • More like a connector hence limited scope in terms on Integrations
  • Real-Time Accruals Postings not possible for end-to-end visibility
Criteria XpenseCo Competitions
Travel Request
Travel – Self Booking Tool
Expense Module
Cash Advance Module
Travel Fulfilment
Travel Allowance / Per Diem Module
Budget Module
Workflow Automation
Fulfilment Services
GST/VAT Reclaim
Card Integration – Standard
Standard Reporting Module
Ability to track & post unused electronic ticket
Single All-in-One Travel & Expense Management with Fulfilment Services
One process, One tool, One Travel Fulfilment Agency – for Global Deployment
Highly Configurable Workflow across all Modules (Travel, Request, Cash Advance, Expense Report)
Multi GDS In one Country
Multi Currency GDS with ability to compare best fares
Multi Air Consolidators from various countries
Full Access to Global Low Cost Airlines (LCC)
Ability to split cost to multiple cost centres
6 months Alerts for Passport & Visa Expiration
One-Click Reporting from Request to Expense
Missed Savings Report
Imprest Cash Advance / Petty Cash Advance Management
Reschedule & Cancellations
One-Vendor – One Payment : Consolidated Travel Payment to Single Vendor
Unlimited Custom Fields to accommodate data capture & posting for meaningful report
Real-Time Accounting Logic – Provisioning & Postings into ERP – ACCRUAL MANAGEMT SYSTEM
Real-Time Airfare Price Tracking during Approval Workflow
100% Automated Compliance Policy Check
Duplicate & Fraud Highlighter
Highly Flexible Integration with any ERP & HRMS System – Real-Time
OCR & Receipt Management
Foreign GST Claim
Most Robust Real-Time Dashboard & Report
CFO/CXO/Travel Admin Dashboards