Manage Expense of small business/start-up for free


Yes you read correctly now small business and Startups can use expense management app for free , if you are using O365 Business email plan or Dynamics CRM or Dynamics BC or Dynamics Finance & Operations . In all of these PowerApps mobile app is inclusive.

With PowerApps you can import our Request and Expense application and share with all of your company employees.

Please follow below steps

 1. How to import PowerApps in your Environment.

logon to with your O365 admin account.















Click on Apps button on left.


















Click on Import canvas app













Select the package file provided by us and click on import.

In case you would like to use travel app as well to make the flight and hotel booking at the lower rates , please contact us.


















Now Lets jump to the point if you are using any above , all you have to do is contact us or send email with below information at [email protected]

Subject : Expense management for small business and Startups.

Body: your name and company details with contact details.


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