Manage Expense of small business/start-up for free


Yes, you read correctly now small businesses and Startups can use the expense management app for free if you are using the O365 Business email plan or Dynamics CRM or Dynamics BC or Dynamics Finance & Operations. In all of these PowerApps, the mobile app is inclusive.

With PowerApps you can import our Request and Expense application and share it with all of your company employees.

The company develops bespoke professional solutions that require staff to spend much of their time at customers’ locations. Mobile working would result in regular business expense submissions for travel and similar.

The company’s expense process was a written form. When completed, staff would pass forms and receipts to their accounts team, who would then go through all forms typing them up and scanning in receipts manually. This process was time-consuming and inefficient for all involved.

Our business expenses Power App has allowed them to streamline the process. Rather than spending valuable time in the office filling out forms, the Power App solution allows staff to complete expense requests on the go from their personal and work devices.

Each claim can be added by completing just four fields. Meanwhile, receipts (which would frequently otherwise get lost) can be submitted with the claim using the device’s camera, removing any need for scanning.

The business expenses Power App has allowed staff to dedicate more of their office-based time to other profitable activities. It has also significantly reduced the amount of time the accounts department needs to dedicate to expenses, in turn making them more efficient.

What did I do?

I found an Expense template available from Microsoft- Expense Reports that are available in PowerApps templates. I analyzed the structure behind the standard expense report template then used the template as a reference. From this information, I was able to create two lists: Expense Reports and Line Item List.  Creating my own version has allowed me to capture receipts, add categories, and record expenses as they happen. This way I don’t have to keep track of my receipts or worry I’m going to forget about an expense.


Please follow the below steps

 1. How to import PowerApps in your environment.

logon to with your O365 admin account.















Click on Apps button on left.


















Click on Import canvas app













Select the package file provided by us and click on import.

In case you would like to use travel app as well to make the flight and hotel booking at lower rates, please contact us.


















Now let’s jump to the point if you are using any above, all you have to do is contact us or send an email with the below information at

Subject: Expense management for small businesses and Startups.

Body: your name and company details with contact details.


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